Empowering Scenar Healthcare

Scenar technology, a breakthrough in non-invasive healthcare. Practitioners and research studies show that patients can recover up to 70% faster by interacting directly with one of the main control mechanisms of the human body: neural responses.

Evidence based trials show that, with the right stimuli, the human body is able to allocate more internal healing resources to speed up recovery from chronic pains, chronic diseases and injuries. RITM Scenar technology and RITM treatment protocols have been designed to facilitates this process and bring faster results than most other therapies.

Ritmedic, manufacturer and certified training institute of medical equipment and treatment methods, offers a full service concept to help you achieve the same results in your hospital, therapeutic clinic or any other situation where fast recovery is desired.

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Certified for medical and therapeutic use

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TGA & Health Canada

TGA (Australia) & Health Canada License acceptance...

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Practical Internship

Ritmedic offers the possibility for a practical internship...

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Scenar succesfull

Fibromyalgia patients succesfully treated with Scenar

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