Ritmedic Training Institute

The Ritmedic Training Institute offers a training program for both beginners and advanced Scenar practitioners and therapists. The training is given by a team of enthusiastic trainers. Most of them are medical doctors with over 10 years of experience in the application of Scenar therapy in their own clinics.

You don’t have to be a medical doctor to be able to apply Scenar therapy with the Professional RitmScenar. However, having a medical background could help you to get a quicker understanding of the treatment principles.

The 'Basic training seminars' for the Professional RitmScenar consists of two blocks of two days each. After having attended them, two training blocks of two days each are available to enhance your skills and treatment possibilities. The training seminars for home- and sports injury recovery is a half a day session.

Besides the basic and advanced training seminars, the Ritmedic Training Institute offers specialist seminars and workshops around specific topics. Currently in our program are: Obesities, Pain management, Anti-aging, Advanced Sports Injury Recovery, Scoliosis and Gynecological complaints.

The Ritmedic Training Institute is situated in The Netherlands. In some occasions it will be possible to train and support a team on a different location.

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