Here you find the accessories that are compatible with RitmScenar devices. Fur any further inquiries about the usage or price, please contact us.

Professional Ritmscenar koffer
Useful kit for the Ritmscenar Professional and all of the common accessories. It is being delivered in a Premium and an Upgrade version.

Personal Ritmscenar set
Useful kit for the Personal Ritmscenar, the comb electrode and the small electrode.


Small electrode to apply on the face, on young children and in small areas on the body.


Comb electrode to apply on areas with moderate bodyhair, on beards and for craniosacral therapy


Paravertebral (includes two electrodes). Electrodes for paravertebral use.


Point electrode for use on the smallest skin structures and acupuncture points.


Curve point electrode for dental use.


Bell electrodes for use on mygeloson, large joints and cosmetic use.


Sticky reasable electrodes, set of four pads for multiple use.


Connect cord for sticky electrodes.


Brush electrode for use on body parts with much hair, scar tissue treatment and animals.


Y-shaped electrode for use on triggerpoints and finger and toe joints.


Multi electrodes for use on triggerpoints, bigger and smaller joints, myogolosen and small structures. There are three different contact surfaces that are easy to change; flat, spherical big and spherical small. 


Electrical conductive glove for treatment of nervous issues and with problems of the blood circulation in the hands.


Electrical conductive brace for use on treatment of the wrist, elbow and ankle.


Electrical conductive sock for use of nervous issues and with problems of the blood circulation in the feet.


Electrical conductive brace for use on treatment of the knee.


Ritmedic recovery blanket. Frequently used in combination with Ritmscenar treatments. Enhances the effects of the treatment through a relaxing effect on the nervous system.


Scenar-Medizin, Lehrbuch und Therapieatlas (in the German language). The most extensive and illustrated reference book of the Ritmscenar method for use with the Ritmedic Professional Ritmscenar.


Neu Therapieerfolge mit SCENAR (in the German language). A reference paperback for working with the Ritmedic Personal Ritmscenar.


High quality Scenar polo shirt, giving a professional look to your clinic. It has the Scenar logo and name embroidered and is made of 100% cotton. On ordering please indicate male or Female and the size of your choice: S-M-L-XL-XXL. Please allow us for a few weeks delivery time. 

Professional model

Personal model